Loveee is an erotic game for two players - man and woman who want to sparkle their sexual life. It works on the principle of random selection of succulent activities that partners needs to fulfill. You can expect kissing, hugging, role-plays, teasing, gently tickling, and ultimately more daring tasks... Let yourself be led and enjoy high-quality foreplay and then (maybe) mind-blowing sex! More than 900 sexy tasks are waiting just for you.

Rules of Loveee Tasks Game

The player performs randomly selected activity and then he switches turn with the second player. The game ends when one of the players of both have enough and it's already so good :-). For more information see detailed Rules of Loveee Task Game.


Loveee is only for people over 18 years of age.

Perform chosen activities (tasks) in mutual respect of you and your partner, adjust it to be suitable for both of you, or adapt it to your circumstances and abilities. You can find more information in the Games Safety section.


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No information is recorded during the game to identify you, neither any list of assigned tasks or your response to them.


Special thanks to Simona Mačorová, partner, relationship and sex coach, for her help in creating the Loveee game, designing the tasks and providing expert advice.

Photo on the cover: Philip Warp


If you have any questions about Loveee, please use our contact form, or email us at hello@loveee.app.

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