Games Safety

Playing Loveee is about fun. For that to be true, follow these basic safety rules.

1. No always means NO

If your teammate does not want to perform a task or asks to finish the task/game for any reason, immediately obey him/her, respect each other's boundaries. It's also helpful to talk about your fantasies, desires, asking what you want or would like to experience before, during or after the game. This game is about sex, which means the manifestation of mutual affection, intimacy, understanding, connection, and love between two partners. The most important thing you can give your partner in a relationship is trust.

2. Use Protection

If you both are not ready to be parents, use the proper protection. You can get pregnant or get pregnant your partner even during foreplay when a small amount of sperm is released prior to ejaculation. So do not forget about the preservatives or a secure way you choose to protect yourself!

3. Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Don't hide anything. There is a high risk of transmission of sexual diseases during these games. We strongly recommend playing Loveee only between partners who know and trust each other and are demonstrably healthy. Don't play this game if you have the knowledge or feeling that you can have sexually transmitted disease.

4. Lubricate

"Who lubes, he/she goes..." Lubrication is a key to heaven and the game is much more fun. It will help you to avoid unpleasant feelings or possible injuries.

5. Cleanliness and Hygiene

Never put anything into the vagina without washing it thoroughly with soap, especially if it was previously inside the anus! It is unhygienic and can lead to nasty infections. Make sure that everything is clean. Also use your fingers only with clean hands, watch your partner's reactions and of course use a lubricant.

6. Be Gentle

Some tasks are more courageous, but it doesn't mean that you can be rough to your partner! Especially in activities from the BDSM category. The role of a dominant player is to constantly monitor the partner's responses and tailor the task to avoid harm to the body or soul.

Be careful not to get too tight while blindfolding your partner. When tying up hands or legs knot the nodes weakly so blood can flow into the limbs. Start slowly during a spanking, the goal is not to cause pain, but awake the passion and cause pleasure.

You can set up security words, for example, orange means slow down and red stop immediately. In case you can't talk, use your fingers to make warning signs.

7. I'll save that photo for the memory

Tasks that require shooting or filming videos in compromising situations do only with the person you really trust. How to protect from leaking your amateur sexy pictures?

Always use your phone/camera if you perform, so the pictures are temporarily saved in your device. You can also use masks to cover your face, which makes identification difficult. After the game, delete everything. It'll prevent getting the compromising material into unwanted hands, for example when you lose your mobile phone.

8. Let's talk

Communication is a key to enjoy this Loveee game and also to every intimate relationship or desirable sexual life. You should talk before, during or after the game about what you like, what would you do differently, what was exciting or where would you like to explore more. If you have any ideas willing to share, please do. We learn together!

9. Other

We do not recommend an excessive use of alcohol or drugs during the Loveee game.