Rules of the Loveee Task Game

Loveee Task Game is an erotic game for two players - male and female, who trust each other and want to sparkle their sexual life. We do not recommend playing this game on the first date.

The game works on the principle of random selection of different activities that players do, switching their turns. The aim of the game is to have fun, spend a pleasant time, get to know each other better and explore distinct sexual techniques. Loveee is a great option for foreplay.

Loveee is only for people over 18!

Create a new game

To start a new game, enter your first names or nicknames and confirm that both of you are over 18 years old.

Before you begin, you can exclude types of tasks that you are not willing to do under any circumstances. If you are not sure what is behind a specific type, leave it enabled and you always have the option to reject the task or refuse your participation on the task during the game - see below.

The Play

The player receives the task to perform, which of course, always include the second player. Then they switch.

Tasks are categorized into five levels: from romance, eroticism to love-making. The higher the level, the more courageous the job is. Players start playing with the first level of tasks. With more points achieved, they can unlock higher levels of the game.

Level To complete the task
Progress to this level
1 (romantic) 1p 0p - the beginning of the game
2 (cuddling) 2p 5p
3 (erotic) 4p 15p
4 ((sexy games) 8p 35p
5 (sex) 10p 75p

The player which turn is can choose a task from any available level (even lower), all depends on his/her feeling and mood.

For each completed task, players receive the relevant number of points according to the category to which the task belongs. In the Loveee, players do not play against each other, but they do the tasks and collect points together to continuously unlock the higher levels of the game.

Reject the task

Performing and accepting a task is completely voluntary! Both players always have the right to refuse their action or participation in any task. See also the section dedicated to Game Safety.

However, we recommend that you explain the reasons to each other for your unwillingness, so you get to know better your partner sexual boundaries and preferences. Sometimes, it's not easy to talk about it at the moment when we are the most vulnerable, rather postpone the discussion for later on.

If a task is rejected, the player selects a new task. This may be refused by one or both players. Perform only tasks, which both of you are in total agreement.

In addition, each player can stop the task even during the run, in case she/he is no longer comfortable. Whether the interrupted task is marked as completed or not is then agreed upon by the partners.

Game over

During the game, there is a gradual escalation of erotic tension, which is manifested, among other things, by the fact that players are more likely to choose higher-level tasks. The game ends essentially at any time, most often when players are no longer able to continue playing and they prefer to choose another program of their own ;-).