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Welcome in Loveee Task Game

Loveee Tasks is an erotic game for two players - man and woman who want to sparkle their sexual life. More than 900 delicious tasks are waiting for you to make your sex life more exciting. Top 10 best tasks.

Short rules:

  1. The game works on the principle of random selection of different activities that players do, switching their turns.
  2. Tasks are categorized into five levels: from romance, eroticism to love-making. The higher the level, the more courageous the job is.
  3. The player which turn is can choose a task from any available level, all depends on his/her feeling and mood.
  4. Performing and accepting a task is voluntary! Both players always have the right to refuse their action or participation in any task.
  5. If a task is rejected, the player selects a new task.
  6. Each player can stop the task even during the run.
  7. The game ends when players are no longer able to continue playing and prefer their own program. :-)

If something is not clear to you, you can also check out detailed rules.

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Tasks may also include:
You can exclude tasks that you are not willing to undertake in any circumstances. If you are not sure what is behind a specific type, leave it enabled and you always have the option to reject the task or refuse your participation on the task during the game.
Loveee is only for people over 18 years old. Please perform chosen activities in mutual respect, adjust them to be suitable for both of you and your circumstances.

Before you begin...

Hi & !

Sweethearts, before you start playing, it's a good idea to review the most important rule of Loveee game:

If your teammate doesn't want to complete a task, or asks to end the current task because he/she doesn't like it for any reason, obey him/her immediately!

No always means NO!

OK, let's play now!

Level of the Game

choose a level for the following activity:
More = more erotic

Tasks are ranked in five levels: 1 = romance, 2 = caress/cuddling, 3 = erotic, 4 = sexy plays, 5 = sex/love-making. Higher levels will be available to you gradually after you get a certain number of points.

Sexy Task

this task is for you:
BDSM Oral Anal Tantra Role-play
There is no rush, slow down and enjoy every task, you have plenty of time to complete it. If the task does not suit you for any reason, adjust it or continue with a new activity. Each player can finish the task even during the process.
How did you like this task?

You're amazing!

Congratulations to both of you 🥳. You've reached the next level of Loveee!

Keep playing and have more fun!

Yes, we continue!


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