Why did we create Loveee?

We have a positive attitude towards sex and we don’t like boredom (not at all in the bedroom). Yes, there are many task-based erotic games for couples on the market… So what are the most annoying things about them?

  • Games contain only a few activities. Tasks are often repeated in the game.
  • Activities are boring with lacking creativity. If we compare different games with each other, tasks are very similar.
  • Moving game pieces on the board and other complicated game rules are irrelevant.
  • The tasks in games are unbalanced, they are intended mainly for men. They lack a female look at sex (romance, intimacy, connection, …).
  • The tasks are very little daring or too vulgar.
  • Players cannot choose activities according to their current mood.
  • The prices of paid games are high.

That’s why we thought: Couldn’t be our own game better? We wanted something simple but fun and exciting. Something that can also be played on the mobile.

  • We have omitted uselessness and complicated rules. We have omitted game board, or playing cards too.
  • Activities in Loveee are divided into 5 levels – from romance through erotic to sex.
  • It is always possible to choose a task from a lower, more moderate level. You can progress at your own pace.
  • It has to be fun! Any player may always refuse to perform the assigned activity and request a new one. For any reason. And neither player is punished for it.
  • Partners do not play against each other but do tasks together. Loveee has no losers, but two winners, who mutually spent quality time.
  • Loveee does not require registration or providing information about yourself.
  • And last but not least Loveee is free to play!

PS: If you like Loveee, please share it with your friends!

Used photo: bed-sleeping-couple-covered-cover / Author: Sasin Tipchai / Licence: Pixabay License

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