Veronika – I’m inspired by my imagination, experience, and desires

Veronika, originally from Moscow, an artist under oh.deep.thought account focused on gentle linear erotic artworks agreed on a collaboration with Loveee!

How did she start drawing erotic art, does she draw real people, or it’s pure fantasy, what is her relationship with sex and sexuality, is her inspiration coming from lovemaking? Answers to these and more questions you can find below. We can’t get enough of her appealing art, enjoy!

What led you to start drawing erotic art? When did the first artwork see the world?

Honestly, I always have been interested in body drawings and exploring sexuality. I have drawn female and male figures in the natural surroundings for some time and then decided to go deeper into this theme.

I created an Instagram account in May 2020, so I posted the first artwork in the same month.

What serves as inspiration for new artwork?

I usually take inspiration from books and some imaginary stories from my mind. Also, it can be my own experience and desires.

How does the drawing process go from the initial idea to the realization?

I have two ways of creating artworks. First, one is to imagine a scene, and then I need to find a pose or surrounding references. And the second one came from seeing some sources. I finish it with my imagination and draw.

Do your drawings capture real people, or is it pure fantasy? Is it possible to order an erotic pic of, for example, myself?

Some of my drawings are commissions, so yes, I created them from real photos of my clients, but of course, I ask permission to post them.

Another part is from a combination of my imagination and references.

You can order the artwork based on your photos and non-erotic too. I do different commissions.

How long does it take to draw one piece?

Usually, I draw one artwork for three days because it’s detailed, and I need to redraw it sometimes. Also, I need to take some pics for Instagram content, send orders.

Have you ever tried an erotic self-portrait?

Yes, I have. I have had unusual feelings, but in the end, I have been satisfied with the result and decided to do it again.

What message would you like to send with your artwork?

I think that sex is a unique way of how partners can communicate with each other. 

I believe that sex is beautiful, and it brings the most intimate connection and pleasure. I would be happy if people can express their sexuality freely and feel their bodies. I don’t divide sex from love, an one come from another.

What drawing brings to you?

It brings me communication with open and interesting people. I love the feeling when people trust me with their photos to draw and tell me their stories. I feel joyful to be a part of it. Some of my clients are so in love with their bodies that they spread beautiful energy around them, which gives me a boost to draw.

How do your family/friends react to your drawings?

It was unexpected that some of my open-minded friends were shocked and didn’t understand me, and those who appeared reserved support me, love my artworks, and also ordered some of them!

What sex and sexuality mean to you?

I think sexuality is about being comfortable with your body and soul, knowing your body, and caring about yourself. You emit the inner light. For me, it is about the soul, not only about appearance.

When did you start to explore your sexuality? How is the relationship with your body?

It happened at an early age. I was exploring my body, and it felt natural and amazing. 

I love my body, but sometimes I have bad days and can be very strict with myself, but I try to concentrate on my best parts and features.

Have you ever experienced a situation during lovemaking that you wanted to draw right away?

Haha, so many times!

What are the three things you love about yourself (and maybe you had problems with that in the past)?

I love my height, and yes, I have some problems with it at school because I was taller than all my friends. Then I went to university and met people of the same height who taught me how to love it and be ok with it. But at school, I believed that I want to be as small as possible because it’s better?? Not sure.

Also, I love my hands and breast, which seemed not appealing to me at school, but now I love them and believe that I’m a beautiful person.

What are the three things you admire about men?

I pay attention to the smell, hands, and voice.

What is the best advice about life, love, or sex you ever received?

Live the way you want. Be honest with yourself about your desires and dreams. Be kind and never give up.

What is a dream you would like to achieve one day?

To be the best version of myself. 

Where can people connect with you or contact you?

Through my Instagram page: @oh.deep.thought (back up account @ohh.deep.thought) where I post all information, communicate with followers, and share the link to my website. Or through email:

Call for artists! Sweethearts, if you are the one (or know someone) who draws, paints, sketches, bakes an art that could go beautifully with Loveee, drop us a line in the comments or email us at We are open to collaboration. Let’s spread the love!

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