Stay home and make love! ♥️

Are you one of those lucky couples that are stuck together during the COVID-19 outbreak quarantine? Let’s get the most of it and use this opportunity to deepen intimacy and sparkle sex life between us!
Here is the list of ideas to start on, and you can continue in the comments 😉

  1. Connect with your partner every day. We’re not talking about having sex every day (hey, why not!?), but you can hug, kiss, cuddle or pillow-fight together. Make intimacy with your partner a priority, it’s a form of reassuring that we will make it together.
  2. You’re not only lovers but also partners. Make a date night at home. Prepare yourself, put something sexy on and have a romantic dinner, dance to your favorite music, watch a movie or check a virtual sightseeing tour or just have a conversation. Focus on what we can do in this situation, rather than what we can’t. 
  3. Take a shower or bath together. ? Water relaxes us and these little trivial things make us feel like life is normal again.
  4. Explore new games. ? Lovemaking is also about having fun, and not taking ourselves too seriously. We love to play LOVEEE (I know, big surprise), Desire, or Truth or Dare.
  5. Give each other an erotic massage. Here are a few tips on how to start (for her, for him), or let your creativity go wild. It just has to be nice for both of you.
  6. Watch adult movies together. ?️ Porn is also a movie, you know that, right? Those scenes are unreal, actors pretend, it’s all processed in the end. That’s said, you can get new ideas about what you want to try together, explore the storyline, or observe what your fantasies are.
  7. Direct your erotic video at home. ? It’s much more fun, and you don’t have to rely on porn anymore 😉
  8. Not ready for video? Take some nudes together! ? You can create your private photo album, but be careful, kids can’t find it!
  9. Try mutual masturbation. From time to time we need to update the knowledge of a partner’s body, and this is a great way to show your partner how you like to be touched or what you enjoy in a bedroom. AND it’s so hot to watch your partner self-pleasuring and enjoy themselves. 
  10. Read or listen to erotica stories. ?? Men are more visual, women are more auditive. Erotic stories inspire imagination and get you in the mood. You can tune into Aurore or FrolicMe, or listen to real sounds of people having sex, on Orgasm library or Freesound intercourse.
  11. Create your sexual bucket list. Write down things or fantasies you would like to try with your partner now or after the quarantine is over. What about having sex in nature, go together to wellness, or trying erotic bondage.
  12. Get online and find an erotic toy! Sit down with your partner and look for something you would like to try together. 
  13. Take a quiz to find out more about each other.  Here are our favorites: 
    1. The Erotic Blueprint – Explore your sexual needs and desires
    2. The Love Language – Find out how your partner expresses love
    3. We Should Try It! – What are your and your partner’s sexual fantasies?
    4. Mojoupgrade – What you want in a bedroom? 
  14. Create time for talking to each other! If you run out of the topic, 36 questions to make your love even stronger or to fall in love again is a great start. You can also explore what you enjoy in the bedroom, what would you like to try, etc.
  15. Revisit your memories. What were the best holidays? What is the most adventurous place you had sex? Where did you have the most pleasurable moment with your partner? Can you recreate the scene?
  16. Learn new things. There is so much you can discover related to your sexuality,  yoni/lingam massage, oral sex, anal sex, BDSM, pegging, golden shower, role-play. Which one called your attention? 
  17. Take sex challenges. Have you ever tried to be naked all day, make love 3 times in a row, try different positions from Kamasutra, have sex in every room in the house, record your sex sounds, etc. Share your challenge with us!

Used photo: room-bed-indoor-people-couple-man / Author: StockSnap / Licence: Pixabay License

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