Sexy Xmas Activities

Sweethearts, thanks for playing the Christmas Calendar 2020! We hope you have as much fun as we do. We love to give, especially during this period, and we have prepared unique sexy Xmas activities you can try with your partner these holidays. Juicy Christmas!

1) All I want for Christmas is…

Write a list of naughty things you want to try this Xmas and give it to your partner under the tree like a regular present.

2) Sexy Christmas Baking

What about to make Christmas Baking a little bit dirty? You can get inspired by Naughty Gingerbread and create your delicious cakes. I don’t have to remind you that baking is more fun, completely naked. 🙂

3) Tree Decoration

How would you look like a Christmas tree? Take off all clothes, and use Xmas decorations on you, wrap yourself with Xmas lights or with ribbon. Are you brave enough to use nipple clamps for hanging the balls? Once you’re ready, call your partner to help you with it. They can do whatever they want, but the “tree” has to stand still.

Alternatively, decorate the Christmas tree together, but completely naked.

4) Sexy Santa

Wear only Santa’s hat and funny stocking you probably found under the tree, and surprise your partner. You can also come as a perfect Christmas present decorated only with a red bow.

5) Lovemaking under the Christmas tree

You don’t need more details.

6) Naughty secret on Xmas dinner

Want to spicy up a family dinner? Secretly take off your panties/underwear and enjoy the dinner like nothing is happening. Are you going to disappear for a while as well?

7) Frosty Tongue

Take an ice cube, play with it a little with your tongue inside your mouth, and then kiss your partner. You can play together till it melts completely. If you feel up to it, play with the cube in the genitalia, and enjoy frosty oral sex together.

8) Fireplace Spooning

Get cozy and enjoy warm naked spooning with your partner in front of a fireplace (real or virtual.)

9) Christmas Nudes

Make a sexy selfie of you under the Christmas tree and send it to your partner. You can be naked, covered only with tree branches, or nicely wrapped up with a red bow.

10) Christmas Eye-gazing

Christmas is about connecting with our loved ones. Sit down under the Christmas tree in a cross-legged position (Yab-Yum position) facing each other. Set up a timer for around 5 minutes. Breath deeply in and out of the center of your chest. Start looking into each other’s eyes (focus on one eye). Don’t talk, be with your partner, and enjoy your partner’s presence. In the end, you can finish and thank your partner or get closer, embrace each other with legs, and continue in lovemaking.

Used photo: Christmas view from above / Author: Domareva.Tanya / Licence: Shutterstock

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