Olillia – My greatest inspiration is Love

We’re thrilled to announce a new collaboration between Loveee and beautiful erotic artist @olillia_artist. Recently, our founder Simona had the honor to talk to Olillia_art and ask her about her creative process, her relationship to her sexuality, what she admires about the opposite sex, and much more. Enjoy!

Name: Olga Galeeva
Profession: Graphic Designer & Illustrator

What is your typical day like?

I am an early bird. I wake up before 7 and do some stretching and face massage, then I write my inspirational daily pages and have breakfast. Now, since coronavirus pandemic worldwide started I decided to learn something new to switch myself from thinking about bad things. So I began to learn the piano and also decided to improve my French. Yesterday morning I started to learn juggling. Drawing is my passion and I can immerse myself in the process of creating situations, feelings, and emotions.

How is your creative process? What evokes your artistic side?

Life is pretty inspiring. I look around and see inspiration in the details. I like observing people, their expressions, attitudes towards one another, animals’ behavior, nature. I create images in my imagination and then put them on paper, or directly on the computer.

Your greatest inspiration?

Love and human relationships.

Can you tell us more about your current projects?

I am working on several projects right now. Going to create a book with love stories.

What makes you feel happy, beautiful and joyful?

I find joy in my everyday routine and recently have been meditating. Meditation clears my mind and makes me happy and joyful.

What turns you on to live at the moment? / What makes you come alive?

Falling in love. It is essential for me. It doesn’t only mean falling in love with a person but with the city, I live in, with a book or with a specific moment.

When did you start to explore your sexuality? How is the relationship with your body?

I’ve been doing it my whole life. It is a continuous process.

What are the 3 things you love about yourself (and maybe you had problems with that in the past)?

I love my serenity, my calmness, and that I can let things come and go in my life.

What are the 3 things you admire from the opposite sex / your partner?

I appreciate sincerity, strength and when a person takes care of an inner child. Being sexually free, open and compatible with me is essential. I love chemistry.

What would you recommend to women who want to explore their sexuality but they don’t know where to start?

I think the first thing to do is to accept oneself and admire one’s own existence. Love oneself truly.

What would you recommend to men who want to understand women better?

I would recommend them to read John Gray’s “Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus” (1992), Simone de Beauvoir “The Second Sex” and Nancy Friday “My Secret Garden: Women’s sexual fantasies”.

What is the best advice about life, love or sex you ever received?

The best advice is: trust yourself and never feel guilty for what’s best for you, for example, for your pleasures.

One thing on your bucket list?

To fly on a biplane.

Where people can connect with you or contact you?


Call for artists! Sweethearts, if you are the one (or know someone) who draws, paints, sketches, bakes an art that could go beautifully with Loveee, drop us a line in the comments or email us at hello@loveee.app. We are open to collaboration. Let’s spread the love!

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