New extensions – Tantra and RolePlay (♡/2.7)

Loveee version 2.7 release notes

Valentine’s Day special: We’ve been working hard to tune Loveee into a more exciting, passionate and adventurous game! Loveee comes now with more than 800 delicious tasks, brings new extensions like Tantra and RolePlay, and we’ve added your ideas you sent over.

We’re also working on a new review system so you can let us know how you like each task! Stay tuned and wait for the new version in a few days.

The game is free, easy to use, and full of fun! We created it to bring more joy, curiosity, and pleasure into your (and our ;)) sex life.

Loveee is made with ❤ for you.

Used photo: naked-without-clothes-mirror-table / Author: Виктория Бородинова / Licence: Pixabay License

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