LOVEEE, the new erotic game is alive!

Are you thinking about Valentine? Are you craving for a perfect gift for you and your partner? We have something one special for you.

You know already that a bedroom is a playground, and we are those curious kids who want to have fun, play and explore. Alright, but are you seeking for inspirations? Let’s play LOVEEE!

It’s not a board game, you play LOVEEE with each other, all you need is a mobile phone/computer. For now, it’s designed for 2 players, man + woman who want to sparkle their sexual life. The best, it’s totally FREE.

It works on the principle of random selection of succulent activities that a partner needs to fulfill and then switch. You can expect kissing, hugging, roles-plays, teasing, gently tickling, and ultimately more daring tasks. Let yourself be led and enjoy high-quality foreplay (yes my Queen, finally!) and then mind-blowing sex!

We believe that sex is about connection, understanding, love, intimacy, pleasure, and fun. We support slow & conscious sex. #everydaylovemaking

Used photo: Loveee title 01 / Author: Depuzzler

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