Info about extensions in task (♡/2.8)

Loveee version 2.8 release notes

In Loveee version 2.8 we bring you some design improvements:

  • For your better orientation in game settings we have added information in the task view window from which extensions this task is. If you play Loveee repeatedly you will later know which task’s extensions you like or not.
Loveee – information about extensions in task view – in this example BDSM and Oral.
  • We have made the homepage design little clearer for easier orientation.
  • At the beginning of the game we have added our recommendations how to prepare a suitable environment for the game and make your moments more pleasant and joyful.
  • And many more improvements in the game backgroud…

Loveee is made with ❤ for you.

Used photo: heart-spray-butt-girl-head-color / Author: Alexas Fotos / Licence: Pixabay License

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