Did you find any mistake? (♡/2.9)

Loveee version 2.9 release notes

In Loveee version 2.9 we bring you some great improvements:

⁉️ Players have the opportunity to report a bug in the tasks. Of course, we are not infallible either, and the mistake sometimes comes up. For each task, there is an opportunity to report such a bug so that we can fix it as soon as possible.

? Some tasks should be performed for a certain amount of time. That’s why we added a stopwatch to the game! But there is no rush, slow down and enjoy every task, you have plenty of time to complete it. You can set the time yourself according to your wishes, feelings or mood. And remember, each player can finish the task even during the process.

Loveee is made with ❤ for you.

Used photo: Couple in love on red sheets / Author: Just dance / Licence: Shutterstock

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