Artists We Love

Call for artists! Sweethearts, if you are the one (or know someone) who draws, paints, sketches, bakes an art that could go beautifully with Loveee, drop us a line in the comments or email us at We are open to collaboration. Let’s spread the love!

Veronika (oh.deep.thought)

Sex is a unique way of how partners can communicate with each other. I believe that sex is beautiful, and it brings the most intimate connection and pleasure.

Veronika | IG account: oh.deep.thought | Website:

Olillia (olillia_artist)

Life is pretty inspiring. I look around and see inspiration in the details. Trust yourself and never feel guilty for what’s best for you, for example, for your pleasures.

Olillia | IG account: olillia_artist | Website:

Jana (depuzzler)

To depuzzle means to take everything apart (hence the relation to the puzzle where we put things together), inspect each piece separately, then concerning other elements inside and outside of the puzzle, and then finally bringing the pieces together in a way that makes us happy.

Jana Hrivniakova | IG account: depuzzler | Website: